Adventure Guide Program
** NEPAL **

Iconic landscapes, isolated mountain villages, warm friendly locals, Nepal is unforgettable and carves a place into your heart like no other. This program is all about spending 12 weeks in the world’s most dramatic landscapes. You'll gain hiking and climbing guiding qualifications and actual guiding experience, as well as crucial outdoor survival skills and a chance to focus on you.

If you’re a mountain person, we’re sure Nepal has always been on your bucket list. Our program will give you an authentic and constructive chance to experience the magic of the Himalayas.

From technical skills to emergency safety and group dynamics, this comprehensive course will give you 100% confidence to navigate, hike, climb and guide in the outdoors. 


  • 12 week adventure training and qualification program in inspiring Nepal
  • All technical equipment, program related transport & travel
  • Pure Exploration Certificate of Adventure Guiding
  • Experience the magic of the Nepalese people and the mighty Himalaya
  • Industry standard Bush Leader & Rock Leader qualifications
  • Modules on guiding and leadership skills, critical incident management & technical skills
  • International Wilderness First Aid certification
  • Accommodation and food allowance during training
  • Develop hiking and bush skills
  • Develop rock-climbing skills, both top-roping and leading
  • Learn, understand and practice Wilderness medical skills, including pre-hospital emergency care
  • Peer Assessments
  • Informal lectures and discussions on history, culture, society and environment
  • Very personalized small group experience, maximum of 12 participants
  • Experienced Pure Exploration program leader supported by local guides

While this is an Adventure Guide Program, it's not all about the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. There will be cultural activities and exchange; sightseeing and touring; personal development; community and social events; free time and plenty of opportunity for exploration.  

Whether you are looking for a glimpse into the adventure tourism industry, or just an awesome educational opportunity to live in some of the most amazing places on earth, the Pure Exploration Adventure Guide Program is an epic, constructive, and rewarding way to spend 12 weeks!