The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. We are talking about incredible fjord landscapes, with rock walls emerging straight out of the deep blue fjords, large National parks, untouched nature, and huge glaciers. Enjoying nature in Norway is very much an active pursuit, and this is one of Europe’s most exciting and varied adventure-tourism destinations.

In Norway, we have our own word for living in and with nature: Friluftsliv (free-air-life). Spending a lot of time and doing activities like hiking and climbing is a big part of the Norwegian national identity. So no wonder Adam Ondra chose Norway for his 4-year project of the hardest climb in the world - silence 9C. Sogndal is the perfect base as it is located in the middle of 4 national parks, 10 min from one of the biggest climbing areas in Norway. But it is not only all about nature, Norway also has a lot of interesting history and loads to offer culture-wise.

While this is an Adventure Guide Program, it's not all about the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. There will be cultural activities and exchange; sightseeing and touring; personal development; community and social events; free time and plenty of opportunity for exploration.  

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